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How Do I Hire a Hat?

The Hat Parlour of Southwell

To hire a hat, you will require a consultation to make sure that your outfit and hat co-ordinate perfectly.

The consultation is free with no obligation, and enables you to choose the right hat and don your outfit with that all important finishing touch that makes you feel fabulous and comfortable. 

Your consultation will also provide you with the opportunity to try various shapes and colours, from the extensive range of fabulous designer headpieces that are available, some of which you may not originally have thought would work with your outfit.

You are welcome to bring someone along to help you make a decision.

How Do I Book a Consultation?

As soon as you have chosen your outfit or if you are still looking for your perfect ensamble, call The Dress Room on 01636 555888 or e-mail

You will need to allow up to an hour for your consultation. Be prepared to have fun and to enjoy trying on numerous beautiful hats!

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